Rita likes: Tropical Ceiling Fans


With all these hot-humid summer days, I’ve been thinking about installing a ceiling fan in my master bedroom.

I don’t have high ceilings, but I’m pretty sure the previous owners had a ceiling fan in the room before we purchased the house from them. Of course, they took it with them and we decided not to install a new one because we were paranoid. That and I didn’t want the fan to just blow around dust since I’m allergic to dust. Anyhow, I’ve been checking ceiling fans out and thought I’d share some with you. 

I chose to feature tropical ceiling fans only because there are just so many different types out there it was easier to break them out by type. Tropical fans bring me back to nature. I love being outdoors so it’s a way to bring the outdoors home with me without needing to worry about whether my husband might be allergic to it because of pollen. I chose each of these ceiling fans because of their own unique look, shape or color.

Palm ceiling fan – Palm Fan Store

Tiki bamboo – Palm Fan Store

Case Vieja Rattan outdoor – Lamps Plus

Westinghouse Oasis – Bellacor

Emerson Cosair – Lighting Universe

Let us know what you think of these tropical ceiling fans by leaving a comment below. Do you have unique tropical ceiling fans in your home? Email us at stacey@thislovelyhome.com. We’d love to see them.

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