15mn appointment.. interesting


So Remy had her 15mn appointment this AM. She is in the 14% for height at 29in and WOOT WOOT finally on the growth curve for weight, in the 5% for weight at 19lb 4oz! The Dr. said that she is doing really awesome and seems to be comprehending things well, interested in stuff, she obvs. is super active and she loves that and says it is great that she is so independent and willing to explore. She also said that 3 of her 4 molars should make come through soon as they are super swollen in that area, so she would say that within this next month! She said that because R. is still on the tiny side and she struggles with keeping on the calories to continue to give her the 2 bottles a day (which are 4oz of pediasure each) She DID say that if R. isnt really starting to say words by 18mns that she is going to want her to get rid of the bottle since it can hinder oral dexterity in some kids and that they would have to make sure that wasnt some of the problem.  But she doesnt think so, because she isnt a drooler  and doesnt have a problem with chewing.   She also said that while it is OK from 12-24mns that they have diff ways and times of learning she found over time that 18mns toddlers that dont talk much get frustrated by not being able to communicate with their parents and throw a lot more tantrums then more verbal kids which becomes stressful for both kids and parents.. so she will suggest we do OT at that point so we dont get to that stress level if it is necessary.  She said to continue to teach her signs in the event that she isnt doing a lot of talking, to help with her not become frustrated.   All in all my peanut is doing great!  I am enjoying these ped. visits MUCH more then the earlier ones!


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