Eating with Utensils


Not too long ago my momma friends and I were discussing the use of utensils and if our little ones were doing so, how often, which ones, all that crap that goes along with being in group of mom friends and talk stuff over… so anyways, after some back and forth amongst us all.. this was my final response, written on Jan 31st.  ”To be 100% honest.. I almost NEVER let R. “feed herself” off a utensil. I find all meals with R. are fairly stressful as is since she is so picky and half the time she refuses something at first and some days she likes something she disliked yesterday… I dont have the time or energy to sit there at this point and let her play with her food. she isnt a great eater and everything that goes in her mouth is a plus. Once I think she is totally done eating if there are left overs (usually are) I sometimes let her play with the spoon but I dont ever let her feed herself at the beginning or middle of a meal because when it is an epic fail and I need to take the spoon or fork from her it is a complete meltdown and then she wont eat anything. 1/2 the time she wont let US feed her something off a utensil… I can usually get either yogurt or a pouch every other day fed to her off a spoon. besides that it is finger food. We also do greek yogurt now, we use the fage brand because they come in smaller containers which is good for us. plus she likes it so im not rocking the boat!”

However, about a week later we had our 15mn appointment with the pedi and she asked about utensils and I told her the same thing I wrote to my girlfriends.. she suggested that I just give R. a utensil when I am using one to feed her and see what happens!  So I took her suggestion, after R. was about 1/2 way done eating randomly last week.. and this was her 3rd time using the fork! Check it out!

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