Miss Bird goes to School


This past summer (I know that was a LONG time ago now) M. and I decided that we wanted to send R. to “School”.  Im sure many people were wondering – why the heck do you want to send your (then) 20mn old off to school?! Dont you want to spend as MUCH time with her before pre-k/kindergarden or before you have another baby?  While yes, of course I do!  However, I also felt, and so do feel that there comes a point as a parent things can start to become both monotonous, and in turn become less of a learning and growing experience and more of just a need to survive the day to day.  I know that not every parent feels this way, but I know I sure did.  I felt that I was hitting a wall with the ways I was able to teach my daughter and that she and I were better off giving her that outside experience. ON TOP of other reasons, such as, we were planning to try and get pregnant and I was terrified I would be so sick again I would not be ABLE to care for her properly, I wanted and needed (for my own sake) to try and focus on my business, my home a little bit better, and also my own personal well-being.   We did A LOT of research before making this decision AND if there had not been a SCHOOL that was a right fit, she would not have gone.  I did not want to send her to a day-care… we did not need that.  I wanted her to be in a purposefully learning environment.  I found a few different programs that peaked my interest and in the end not only did it come down to the fact that we LOVE her school – we also selfishly LOVE the proximity to our home (a whole 8mins drive!) We were deciding between a temple program – which I LOVED and a montessori school, also LOVED.  The montessori school won.  Ultimately M. and I really felt that it fit R. and also the type of parents we are.  To quote wikipedia: Montessori has an emphasis on independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child’s natural psychological, physical, and social development.  Also, the always have a mixed age classrooms, with classrooms for children aged 2½ or 3 to 6 years old by far the most common… this mixed classroom environment was something that I really liked about this type of learning, as I noticed that R. picked up on what her older peers were doing when were at music, or at a holiday gathering, etc… I felt that she NEEDED to learn from her peers and not just M. and I!  The specific school is called Apple Montessori.  Ultimately it was the right choice.   The first 2-3 weeks were a little rough but it helped that Daddy dropped her off, rather then me.  Now she LOVES it.  The few times I have had to drive her to school, we pull into the parking lot and I get a little “YAY!” cheer from the backseat.   Soon R. will be moving “upstairs” away from her beloved toddler room and amazing teacher to a new room and new teacher – but it will be great – she will be moving into a room with all of her past, older classmates, reuniting with them.  I cant WAIT to see how she grows and changes from this experience!


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