My child is driving me CRAZY!


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our little girl.  She is my most important person, my best friend (At 2! haha) and is amazing.  She is actually overall a blessing of a 2 yr old.  She has a pleasant personality, the sweetest little thing.  As I like to say, She is candy for my soul.  HOWEVER, this winter, has tried my patience a bit.  I know it is a combination of MANY things.  1. being pregnant, 2. she is 2 YEAR OLD, 3. we have started potty training, 4. it is freakin WINTER. 5. did I mention, she is 2! haha.. HOWEVER, she is probably the most obsessive little person I have ever met.  I know it is normal – I think, I hope.  But I really dont understand, WHY is it SO important that you must wear only minnie mouse pull-ups or Ariel ones… Mommy spent good money on all of them, and Monsters inc is JUST FINE! OR the clothes! OH MY GOODNESS! This child is crazy already! Maybe I did it to myself, giving her the freedom to “pick”  but really, when I tell you that you CAN NOT wear a bathing suit IN WINTER TIME to school – it is for good reason, and you should just MOVE ON!  She will also say a phrase (most of the time of which I can not understand) OVER AND OVER AND OVER again until I FINALLY figure it out.  She then goes “yah” and continues to say it.  She then outright refuses to sit in a shopping cart, so I think I spend more time watching her then getting what I need to get done.  Oh the list could go on and on and on.  Im sure these days will end and she will become more comprehensive and understand why bathing suits are to be worn in the summer, or that underwear is just underwear till then I just need to work on keeping my cool.

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