My Sleeping Beauty


After the coveted “Are you breastfeeding?” question has been asked and answered I would say that next question to pop out of peoples mouths would have to be, “Are you getting any sleep?” or “Does she sleep through the night yet?”  I feel very blessed.  I can actually answer YES! For all of the frustrations that Remy has already put us through sleeping was one area that she decided to do ok with.  She wasnt (and still isnt) always a perfect sleeper.  There were MANY 3am screaming fests that lasted hrs on end but once she hit the 3 month marker (which adjusted age she would have been 1mn 3weeks) she started to give us longer stretches of sleep overnight.  Once we noticed that a fairly predictable night-time pattern was created I felt it was time to start to tackle the much needed NAP!  Up until about a month or so ago my little bird was not a consistant, predictable napper… She would go 3hrs or 2 or 45mins or 5hrs or fall asleep while eating… and she almost NEVER fell asleep in her crib without one of us holding or walking around the house trying to get her to pass out… So my momma friends recommended books they read/ are reading… and I went out and purchased  ”The Baby Whisperer”.  While the author has some good advice and tips ~ the main one I took from the 2 chapters I read before making myself crazy and putting the book away.  Was that she mentions that babies of a certain age are generally able to stay awake for 2hrs from the time they wake AND that they should be put down in their crib about 20mins prior to their next scheduled nap… As soon as I read this I started to watch for signals that Remy was getting tired around 2hrs after her prior wake time.  So I started to try one of her other methods, which she calls the Pick Up/Put Down method. Which is where you go in and pick up the babe when they are crying, calm them down and the put them back in their crib before they fall asleep, so they can learn to put themselves to sleep.   I tried it briefly but after an afternoon meltdown that resulted in me either killing Remy (or myself) OR putting her in the crib, walking away, and letting her cry (and eventually passing the hell out) ~ I am now a converted Cry It Out kinda gal.  I thankfully never had to do much “sleep training” just that one time and she quickly learned to put herself to sleep (she does sometimes cry for a few minutes, but never that long).  I have learned these past 2 months of being held captive in my own home (It is hard to go out and get ANYTHING done when you only have about an hr window after they eat to run out and do anything you need to do) That you can read all the books in the world and while many of them DO have good advice you should take it all with a grain of salt and just go with your instincts.  You are the mama and ultimately if you listen to yourself and your baby you will get it right and a solution will be found.

Here are some of the popular baby sleep books

Healthy Sleep, Happy Child

The Baby Whisperer

Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems (aka CIO or the Ferber Method)

The No-Cry Sleep Solution

The No-Cry Nap Solution

There are MANY MANY more… If I have missed any popular other books, please feel free to leave a comment and let others know what has worked for YOU since it might help THEM! :)




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