Potty Training


OMG potty training is so ridiculously time consumingly overwhelming.  All every parent wants is to not have to change another diaper or wipe another tush.  Yet, getting to that point is not as easy, or as rosie as one might think.  Yah, yah, you hear all these stories about how someone’s kid was “potty trained” in 5 seconds or never had an accident, blah blah blah bullshit!  We have this incredible little girl who totally “Gets it” and she still has accidents, or mornings when she DOES NOT want to sit on the potty even when she should, still a little fearful to poopy in a plastic bowl, rather then a diaper.  But oh man is it EXHAUSTING! To have to remind, and check, and factor in the time during your day.. OH and then if you have  a child like our child, the EXTRA time it takes to find the PERFECT pair of underwear, OY!

How we came to this potty training crossroads;

1st – we spent a 3 day weekend MOSTLY hanging around at home naked from the waist down. Neither M. nor I expected R. to become potty trained during this weekend.  The real goal during this time was to get her to actually GO on the potty.  We were hoping for both #1 and #2 but we werent expecting both.  She actually DID both during that weekend, wore some underwear, but we never took her out in anything but a diaper.  By the end of the weekend all 3 of us were EXHAUSTED and overwhelmed.  She did not seem “ready” yet and we were ok with that.  We were just happy that the fear of the peeing/pooping on the potty was gone.

2nd – we would ask her every day, a few times a day if she wanted to go on the potty. sometimes yes, sometimes no.

Then magically one day she asked to wear underwear and wouldnt put the diaper back on – so here we are, potty training!

At the moment the only “words of wisdom” I truly have to offer are these.  Dont get angry or upset.  It doesnt help you, or your kiddo if you make it into a negative rather then a positive.  If they dont want to go pee on the potty – but they know what they are supposed to do and how to do it.. you just need to “trust” them.  The worst that can happen is that they have an accident.  I need to continuously remind myself of this and work at it every day when she doesnt want to go sit just because I ask her to…  Ill have to keep you updated.

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