Pregnant with child #2


Being pregnant while already having a toddler is no walk in the park.  I know that some women feel AMAZING and LOOOOOVE being pregnant and it is no big deal however, that is not me.  I DO feel fortunate that up until this point everything is going smoothly and I feel and look much better then 1st time around.  However it is not easier to carry another little person around, sit on the floor and play, I have less patience for antics, Im tired ALL the time, and much more.

This has been a very interesting pregnancy – VERY different then the 1st time around.  In many, ways it has been easier but in many others more difficult.  When I was pregs with R. I was SO sick – for at least the 1st 5 months.  I could barely function.  I would figure out HOW to make it work when I had to actually work – but besides that I spent a good chunk of that time rotating from the bathroom, to the bedroom, to the couch and back again.  This time around- THANK GOD I was never that sick.  I never actually THREW UP! I was very nauseous and tired but that was really it.  With R. I was also working A LOT more – so while now Im working a little and working a lot in the role of mommy – I dont have the same physical demands on my body.  I also stupidly purchased and renovated a home when I was pregs 1st time – this time no renovation projects are headed my way and if they are, Im handing them off to someone else to do! One thing I noticed that is the same – is that I def had a period where I felt depressed, alone, and lonely.  It did not last as long this time around – I think because I spoke to M. about it more, I have the love of my daughter to cheer me up, and I found friends I could talk to and surprisingly felt the same and are also going through pregnancy.  Im thankful that I am creating another little person.  A sister for my amazing little girl, adding to our family and so much more.  Im anxious to see how it all plays out – to what point in the finish line I make it.  If she will be full term (fingers crossed), if I will have a remaining easy preg or not, if she will be as challenging as her sister was as a newborn.  Only time will tell.  But not that much more time!


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