Remy’s Birth Story ~ Part 2


At first I when I was admitted I wasnt too worried, I didnt really think she would be coming THAT day… but as the reality set in I started to panic!  All the things we had left behind or that I was still supposed to do were looming over me.  We had left the dog and did not have anyone to let him out today or watch him the days after she arrived, I didnt bring ANYTHING with me to the hospital, I had photo shoots lined up for THAT WEEK and the following, I still had weddings to edit and albums to work on, her room wasnt set up (neither was the house!) We never got to go to the breastfeeding class, I didnt get to take maternity photos, and the biggest one of all… My mommy wasnt there!  She happened to be on a trip and had left the day before and was all the way in Las Vegas!  We called my BFF, she came to the hospital, picked up our house keys and helped take care of the pooch, I then called nick, who owns The Doggie Chalet and we scheduled for Morgan to meet up with him the next day to take W. for a week so we would have to worry about him.  The entire time this whole day was happening I had been trying to call my mom, but her phone was off!  I left her 3 messages trying not to sound too worried, but my phone was dying so Morgan then left a message as well.  About 40mins prior to going in for surgery I broke down in tears and called my mommaz, Ilene (a close friend who is like a 2nd mom) not able to understand me, Morgan took the phone and promptly said “Something is wrong, Stacey has to deliver the baby today and Marcy is in Vegas, she wants to know if you can come to the hospital, she needs a mom.” The words were spoken and Ilene got in the car and drove from NYC to NJ to be my mom.  About 10mins after Ilene’s arrival, she called my mom one last time saying “Marcy, it’s Ilene.  By the time you get this message you will be a Grandma.  Stacey had to have an emergency c-section but everything will be ok.  Just call me when you get this message. Love you!”  They then wheeled me in, drugged me up so I couldnt feel my legs, and about 20 or so minutes later at 5:45pm on November 10th 2011 our little bird was born, thankfully, kickin’ and screamin’!

I learned the following day, after we were both safe and sound that the reason for the sudden panic and emergency to deliver that on top of my preeclampsia they feared my placenta was also starting to tear, which is called a Placental Abruption.  If I had not gone to the doctors when I did or had I stayed with my previous dr. and let them convince me that I was just fine (which they had done in the past, even when I had other pain)… Both my daughter’s outcome and possibly my own could have been VERY DIFFERENT.

Approx 10mins into my stay in recovery my mom called Ilene.  I finally got to speak to her and told her not to rush home since there was little she could do… she was happy, sad, worried but glad I had such wonderful people to be around me.  I spent about 5hrs in recovery rather then the normal 45min because the nurse on duty was convinced my blood pressure HAD to go down before I could leave, even with repeated calls to my dr would told her my blood pressure would not go down asap due to the shock on my body, the stress of an unexpected early delivery, and the pre-e I had prior to delivering.  Because of her, my Dr. (who did not want to do this) was forced to put me on these horrible meds that would enable me from getting up or even leaving my room. The drug has a tendency to make you irritable, moody, and makes you feel down-right shitty!  Because of my delay in recovery I did not get to see my baby for more then 30secs before then wheeled me away for the night, nor did I get to see her till about 2pm the following day till the other meds were out of my system.  My experience with delivery was a pretty scary one, unexpected one.  I am so unbelievably thankful that both Remy & I came out unscathed and that she is only needed to spend 9 days in the NICU never needed feeding, breathing tubes or a heart monitor.

Speaking to my mom in recovery


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  • Celiaflowers

    Thank God both you and Remy are ok…  She is getting so big now.