The Name Debate


There is this great scene in Father of the Bride 2 where they are talking about combining the last names and Steve Martin gets all bent out of shape about it and says something like, “Are you telling me I could have a grandchild named Sophie Zenkman?!?”  That sounded a lot like my mom when we told her we were giving Remy a new last name.  In case you werent aware Remy’s last name is 1/2 mine which is Weinberg and 1/2 Morgan’s which is Craft ~ making hers, Weincraft.    

I love her last name.  I think its great.  It has a little bit of me and a little bit of Morgan.  Why did we decide to create a new last name for our little bird? It all started when we got engaged.  I told M. that I wasnt sure I wanted to change my last name to Craft.  I have absolutely nothing again the name Craft or the Crafts but I am a Weinberg.  I am the only child, no one is going to carry my last name forward after me from my parents.  I am extremely proud to be a Weinberg, I love listening and learning about my personal family history, I love when someone in my family says, “that’s such a Weinberg trait” It is also an obvious connection to my Jewish background (come on, Weinberg.. can you get much more Jewish then that??) and so on… At 1st he was a little taken aback by my lack of desire to change my last name but as time progressed toward the wedding date he realized it really wasnt that important and did not make us any less of a couple or a family.  Side Note: I have absolutely NO problems with someone calling me or referring to me as Mrs Craft or Stacey Craft and almost never bother to correct them unless it is for some legal documentation that is needed, heck my name is Stacey Ilyse CRAFT on Facebook!.  Through the planning process M. and I started to joke around that we should combine our last names… 1st we thought of Craftberg ~ but that quickly ended since it didnt sound so great… and then all of a sudden WEINCRAFT popped up, and it stuck!  We had every serious intention to go and legally change our last name to Weincraft shortly after the wedding.  As time went by it seemed to become less important and more of a hassle (you have to change EVERY SINGLE LEGAL DOCUMENT when you go through an official name change like that)

When we found out we were pregnant the topic came up.  Would our baby be a Weinberg? A Craft? Or Weincraft?  I told M. it was up to him.  If he felt strongly that our babies all take his last name I was 100% ok with that.  I was extremely proud and honored that when Remy was born and we were filling out her birth certificate I asked him 1 last time, “You choose what her last name will be” he wanted our children to have a part of both of us always with them.  Oh and as Morgan always says.. “All the names we like go better with Weincraft, so we might as well go with that”

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