What to do in the winter?!


OMG, I love my kid but right she is driving me NUTS from being bored!!! I just want to t pack up our stuff and move someplace WARM!  I have decided I am not so into winter… well I never REALLY was all that into winter.. but now that I have a little one, it is even WORST then before!  My sweet little bird is walking all over the place and ready to bust a move and yet her hatred of the carseat and living in the freakin’ woods has made it a little more complicated to want or able to quickly get up and go!  Dont get me wrong, if I felt that we had someplace fun to go to, I’d pack us up, deal with the crying child in the backseat of my car but I havent really figure it out yet!  Sooooo at the moment it just feels like I am STUCK!  I know, I DO have options… but most of them require me to put down a large chunk of change to participate or the free ones always seem so grimy (which I think I need to just get over, but my kid gets sick at the drop of a hat so I always get discouraged) Dont get me wrong, I’m not apposed to paying for my child to be happy and to play and explore I also still want to make sure that I USE those things enough to make it worth my while!


So please, please, please tell me.  What are all you doing this winter to keep yourselves sane?  Oh, and please leave a response even if you arent in the NJ area.. you never know.. your idea might spark something fun here too :)

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