Little Bird turns TWO!


It has clearly been a LONG time since I posted on TLH.  Life has gotten in the way, but I still wanted to make sure that my note to Miss R. was written.

To my little bird, my chicken, my Roodles.  You turned 2 yesterday!  HOLY GUACAMOLY! We made it! haha. :)  but in all seriousness – you are the most amazing thing in the entire world to me.  You are beautiful inside and out, smart, active, curious, loving and so much more.  Every day I love hearing you chit chat away – it never gets old hearing you talk.  You love Minnie Mooooouuuuse, Elmo, Wee-Wee (Wickett), shoes, rainboots, clothes in general (Scary it is starting so early!), your family, Had-dy (Hadley) Jee-Jee (Jake), Jacob, yogurt pouches, playing in the dirt, helping Daddy outside in the yard, books, walking EVERYWHERE and the list goes on.  You started off as a difficult infant, honestly, making us doubt if we wanted more kids but the little girl you have become has made us reconsider – you are just a joy.  You’re little face, curly blonde hair, and tiny frame, and big bold personality seem to captivate everyone around you – even the other people shopping at the grocery store! If I had to wish anything for you I wish you to always be bold, brave, proud, intuitive, and to stay this quirky individual you are already becoming.  As I tell people that meet you – you may look like Daddy but you are all Mommy in personality :)  I am sure that as age 2 comes into full swing we will have interesting challenges ahead – but as I tell you all the time… together forever, forever together – we will just push through and Im sure we will make each other laugh no matter what.  Mommy and Daddy love you little angle – you are THE BEST.  As you would say I DOOOOO! (That means I love you in R language :) )


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