A fabulous baby shower


Hi Guys!

With the holiday weekend starting today I thought it might be fun to show you how my other half lives :)  The half of me that is a professional event/family photographer :)

Last weekend I had the honor to photograph a FABULOUS baby shower at this great new hotel in NYC called The James which is down in SoHo.  There are a few reasons I felt this post was fun for you all to read about (besides getting to see some of my photos!) :) The party was planned by Amy Shey Jacobs from Chandelier Events who is located not just in NYC but right here in the good old JERZ’ just a town over from me! AND all the flowers were done by none other then our resident floral expert, Anne Miller also located in NJ over at The Little Flower Shoppe so I really wanted viewers to see some amazing vendors that are located in NJ as well as the possibilities that even though all of these idea’s and designs were created by the professionals that isnt to say that you cant use their amazing eye as inspiration to for your own backyard patio dinner party!  Or if you ever need some help with planning an event these are some amazing women who can work with you to make your vision come to life!  Enjoy the gorgeousness and have an amazing Memorial Day Weekend!!! XO ~ S

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