Easy Toddler Art Project – Tissue Paper Masterpiece


So with the weather not so hot (until this past weekend!) I decided to try an art project or 2 with Remy to kill time and possibly create something that would be a nice keepsake that I wouldnt mind possibly hanging on the walls of our home :) I did 2 projects on 2 different days.   The 1st one I did was definitely the keepsake one, while the other one I think could have been better had I been more prepared – Ill explain how when I do the entry on it.

This Project I call Tissue Paper Masterpiece. It is 100% not an original concept by any means, just one I thought would be fun, easy and not too much clean up of the little one afterwards.

1st step, collect all the “ingredients” which include:

- Different colored tissue paper

- Elmers Glue

- Tin Foil

- Cardboard

- Glittery stickers – that I picked up at Michaels for like $1-2

- Glitter itself

2nd step:  (sorry no photo)  Take the tin foil and wrap it around your piece of cardboard – I think a 12×12 or 11×14 sized piece, give or take is a good size… too small and the project is done very fast, and too big makes it hard to handle for little ones.   The reason for the tin foil is that through the tissue paper some of the foil will reflect light, AND I found that the glue could not absorb into the cardboard when the foil was on it.  I taped the back of the foil with packaging tape on all 4 sides.

3rd step:  Rip up the tissue paper – I actually had Miss R. “help” me with this step – as it was fun for her.. but if you have more then 1 doing this or know your kids would make a bigger mess then help, do it beforehand.

4th step:  take out the glittery stuff – but have it out of sight till ready to use – this way it does not become an issue (like it would in our house)

5th step:  Take the glue, we used the CLEAR Elmer’s glue – but Im sure the white is ok too. and smear it over the entire surface of the tin foil.. this lets your child put the paper where ever they want, however they want… it also leaves spots open for the glitter.

6th step:  Have your child put the tissue paper on the foil.  I crumpled up some pieces for her to create texture, other pieces she placed flat, I also let her just drop pieces on, etc.. I had a wipe handy so I could clean off the glue when she got sticky fingers.

7th step: After they are done with the tissue paper – fill in any largely blank spots (I did) and give them the glitter stickers.  Mine were “puffy” stickers and I had 2 different kinds.  I peeled off the backing and gave them to her to place on the picture.  She told me when she was done- otherwise use your discretion.

8th step:  This step I did for her, as I did not want my home covered in purple glitter.  I squirt on some extra glue over the tissue paper and then lightly shook the glitter over the entire piece.  It worked out really well since we had some blank spots but there was still glue.  It created a nice filler.

Overall the project took 30-35min in total to do, there was minimal mess ON Miss R. to clean off and was not terribly hard to clean up either.  I just took a wipe and got rid of the glitter and besides that it was almost done.  I love the way it came out and she was SO proud of herself.

Here is the finished piece. – Def a keeper!

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