Nursery Checklist: What Furniture to Have for Your Baby


You’re about to have your first baby. What’s next? Buy pretty clothes… prepare your registry… pick names… How about preparing the nursery? This is probably the most important aside from baby proofing the house. Deciding what furniture you need in your nursery is important because they’re going to be spending quite a bit of time there. For my post this week, I’ve decided to give you checklist of items I think are necessary for your baby’s future room.

I think picking furniture to design a room is so much fun. Having a baby gives me such a great excuse to look for new furniture and decor for the house. Here are the things I think should go on your nursery checklist:

Must haves

  • Crib – make sure to check recalls to ensure the crib you’re buying hasn’t been recalled. Alternative to buy the crib – some parents like to start with a cradle or bassinet first.
  • Mattress for the crib – a firm one is best for the baby.
  • Baby monitor – this is a must. You can decide whether you want an audio only or a video monitor. I recommend a video monitor for first time parents. This way when you hear your baby crying, you can look to see what’s happening to ensure baby isn’t in danger or they’re just being fussy. Especially great at night.
  • Outlet covers – ok. So this item isn’t furniture, but it’s still important for the nursery. You don’t really need these until baby is crawling, but once that happens you definitely need to buy them.

Other things

  • Changing table – there are always alternatives. For instance, if you plan on having a sofa in the room, you can always changing the baby on the sofa. Or if it’s a shared room with a regular sized bed, you could change the baby on the regular bed. NEVER leave your baby unattended no matter what you use. There’s always a chance the baby could roll over suddenly and fall off.
  • Lamp – you can use the lamp instead of the ceiling light during night time feedings.
  • Glider (rocking chair) – many new parents find it nice to have a glider to help rock the baby while you’re holding him/her. Especially during night feedings or when they’re fussy.
  • Swing – Some babies love sleeping in the swing while others don’t. If you find your baby not sleeping well in the crib, cradle or bassinet, you can always give the swing a try. They have safety harnesses, a mobile, music and, of course, the functionality to swing (rock) the baby to sleep.
  • Humidifier – if you live in a cold area zone like us that means you need to turn on the heat during the winter. Once that happens, you should have a cold-mist humidifier in your baby’s room to prevent them from getting a dry throat and cough.
  • Playpen (play yard) – These are multi-functional as many have a changing table, diaper organizer and bassinet included with them.
  • Bookshelf – for those wonderful books you’re going to read to your new baby before bedtime. Alternatives to bookshelves: fabric holders installed on the wall.
  • Dresser – you’ll accumulate a lot of clothing between you buying and people buying, but if you have a well organized closet, this might not be necessary. Plus, it’s best to store away any clothing they’ve outgrown or haven’t grown into yet to save space.

What essentials do you have in your nursery? Share your experience with us by emailing

Rita is a weekly guest blogger here at This Lovely Home. You can usually find her blogging at Yippy Momma.

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