Pool inspection: CHECK!


Last week we FINALLY had our pool inspection for the almost new house of ours.. and overall it went REALLY well!  I was pleasantly surprised that it went as well as it did… The pool itself is in really good shape, esp for the age of the pool.  Which was put in in the 70′s.  The main issue with the pool was the fact that whomever closed up the pool at the end of the season (2 seasons ago!) did not properly do it and in return the filters and the heater are now junk :(  which sucks, because esp. the heater is not cheap to replace (approx. $3k!) BUT since the pool and all the piping are in good shape and they would ultimately be the expensive things to fix… SO we decided that for this pool season we will just swim in a cold pool and wait until the end of the season and purchase a heater on sale :)

None of this info would have been known if it wasnt for the  AWESOME pool inspector we hired. Jeff Langenbach & his wife Laura who run and own Preferred Pool Inspections I got their name from our home inspector Neal Lewis from THIS and after researching around different pool inspection companies on my own I found that they were by far the most reasonably priced and also SUPER nice and responsive on the phone and via email.

Jeff was so great, he mentioned a few different times that if we ever needed any help or suggestions on where to purchase things or what to purchase or who to use, etc.. that he was more then happy to help us out and when my mom had an additional question for him I called up and left a VM that night and Laura went and check out what I was asking and email me back that night.

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