Swaddling your Baby – reviews on the different types of swaddles


I am a strong believer in swaddling.  However, I do think that maybe not EVERY baby LOVES to be swaddled like my little nugget.  There are a plethora of different swaddling options out there to choose from and I tried them ALL (as far as I know of!) In case you are wondering what the heck Im talking about, here is the Wiki link for “Swaddling”  We started off when Remy was preemie 1st using the Aden + Anais swaddle blankets.. those didnt last too long since we could never keep them tight enough.  We then switched over to the ever popular Halo Sleep Sack. These worked really well for us at first because she was tiny and it wasnt really moving her around around too much in her sleep and we were able to keep them tight enough because they stay closed with velcro tabs. These swaddle sacks come in both micro fleece and also cotton and many of them come in 2 parts.. the swaddle and the sack itself.  We only ever had the micro fleece ones because it was winter and she liked to be snuggled.  Many people like to use these swaddles because they are convenient and easy to use. However one of the most common complaints is that babies can “break out” of this type of swaddle sack because once they are stronger their arms naturally creep up towards their mouth, and they wake themselves up trying to suckle.

I then went out on a swaddle hunt!  I was SURE that there was a solution that was better for us then the Halo… so I got on Amazon and searched for “swaddle” and found the Summer Infant Swaddleme which was a MAJOR BUST! She hated that thing.. oh, and so did I! They were kind of a pain to wash as they have numerous velcro tabs and unlike the halo you cant as easily get the velcro hidden so they kept getting stuck on her clothes.  We tried the Woombie, which is just a sack with a zipper and it goes all the way up to their neck, so they look like a worm… this worked well in the regard that she couldnt eat her hands.. but since she could still move them all around within the woombie she would end up waking herself.

I then found  the Miracle Blanket aka the baby straight jacket~ which THANK GOD I found! While they cost more $ then both the Halo, Swaddleme, and Woombie it turned out to be well worth it!  This blanket was a lifesaver!  It is a bit crazy looking… as it has long tails that wrap AROUND the baby and you tuck each arm in separately and use the fabric itself hold the baby’s arms down… It also has a pouch where you put the babys legs in so they stay cozy.. but as Remy got older and too big for the pouch we ended up putting her in the Carter’s sleep sacks  and then wrapping her up.  Originally we swaddled Remy almost 90% of the time when she was 1st born and slowly decreased the amount of time she spent swaddled up.

Eventually she started to only need to be swaddled for naps and overnight.. then as she got bigger it was harder to know when she would fall asleep, so I went back to the swaddle part of the halo of naps (until she broke out of them) and the Miracle Blanket at night… THEN, one morning she REFUSED to go down for her 1st nap of the morning (which she was always MB-ed for) so I took her out of the swaddle and she was MUCH happier but wouldnt fall back asleep due to eating her hands… Sooo I put on what I like to call the MARSHMALLOW SUIT aka The Magic Sleep Suit.  The sleep suit is a padded suit that allows the babies full range of their arms and legs BUT is so padded that it stops them from waking themselves up with the arms.  She napped the entire day in the suit… we swaddled her that night.. and the next night we decided, what the heck, lets try out the suit… she did amazing and we never looked back!  Check out the images below of the different swaddles (all in the order I used them) PLUS a few photos of our little one in her own swaddles :)

Remy in the Halo during naptime

Remy in the Miracle Blanket ~ being a grumpy glowworm

Good Morning Remy! Waking up in her Marshmallow Suit!


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