The Honest Company Diaper Review


A few weeks back I saw on FB an ad for Jessica Alba’s new baby care product and diaper company, The Honest Company.  The ad was offering a set of free diapers and also also their skin care/body wash products for free if you pay the shipping.  So I figured, why not! I am 100% for using all natural, products on my little lady as well as biodegradable diapers.  I personally think it is quite gross that diapers dont break down and sit in landfills for FOR-EV-ER!   The Honest Company diapers are free of chemicals, 100% non-toxic, chlorine-free, sustainable, and made of plant-based materials. See? It is nice because disposable are not usually earth-friendly, but these are! These diapers were so great! They were very soft, and were also very absorbent. Remy doesnt usually get diaper rash, but I did not see a change on her little tush at all while using these.


I also REALLY liked the way they fit her as well.  She is quite skinny (as many may know) and these diapers had a really nice long band that went across her tummy (which I really like) and they were not too bunchy or wide… I fing that Huggies tends to not have that wide band and pampers feels a little more square for her tiny body and they get all bunched up on the bottom.  Here are some photos of Miss Remy in the diapers


When you placed your free order you had the choice of boy or girl designs.. from the different patterns I really liked the flower-y looking ones.. they had more purple and yellows in them which I like PLUS they didnt show through her clothing like the ice cream coned pattern did.. but still had something fun on them!

I also tried the baby wipes which were very soft and damp, I did not use them on her tush but rather to wipe down her face after eating… I thought they got the job done and her face did not get any red irritation marks like my costco brand does (but that only happens on her face).  I will say however that the website makes it hard for me to know what the exact cost for the diapers actually is… they have a Price Compare page but I like to actually see that XX number of diapers costs YY and then have the ability to go on and see what is better… I like the fact that you can sign up for a monthly delivery ~ Im all about delivery these days! Overall I REALLY liked the Honest diapers.  I think they are nice happy medium for someone who wants to be earth-friendly but does not want to commit to cloth diapers… I would highly suggest to anyone who is not sure what route they want to go with the diapers to consider trying out the free trial and taking these diapers out for a test ride on your little ones tush and see for yourself!  Im really happy there is something like this out there for parents!

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