Things to do w/your Pooch! Dog Parks in NNJ


Photo of Wickett & M.

While today’s post might not be DIRECTLY related to home design, decor, or renovation it is about a VERY (in my opinion) important member of the family.  The pooch! Im not sure how many people out there just let their furry friends out into the yard or for a quick walk around the block.. but since my dog was a “city dog” until a year ago he is used to going everywhere with me, enjoys playing with his other poochy friends, and going on fairly long walks.  While this winter did not prove to be very Wickett-friendly but as the weather is warming I like to try to take him on different adventures at least once a week to a new place to see what is out there!  If you dont live in NNJ but are curious to how I found some of these.. I just put into google “dog parks, NJ” some cities like NYC have resources like UrbanHound or the NYC but us folks out in NJ dont have anything quite as cool just yet.. so here are some of the places I know of in the nearby area OR that I plan to check out when the weather gets nicer!

Here is a website in Beta that is for finding out about different dog friendly travel, parks, etc.. DOG GOES

Fun New ~ has a BUNCH of spots listed..some I had never heard of which is great! (plus other stuff to do in NJ)

Brookdale Dog Park ~ Montclair NJ great park has big and small runs + some agility stuff in the run to use

Ramapo Valley Reservation ~ Not a DOG PARK, but a national reservation that is dog friendly.. and (I THINK) on tuesdays they have a dog group that gets together for walks

Lyndhurst Dog Park ~ this park is RIGHT near our condo.. which is great.. close enough to walk, but not safe due to the highway overpass.. It’s a pretty big run with a big/small runs people are nice, but lots of big dogs

Hoboken Dog Association ~ this website seems to have a list of most if not all of the Hoboken dog runs as well as info on a few other non-Hobo spots like Jersey City + info on some parks and dog friendly beaches!

Wood Dale Dog Park ~ Woodcliff lake, NJ have not been to or heard about this one yet, but going to check it out for sure!

Ridgewood Duck Pond ~ Ridgewood, NJ has both big/small runs.. LOTS of big dogs in the big run… no place to really sit when in there, but good spot in a pinch! Has a stream off to the back of the run that dogs go in during the summer

Hike with your Dog ~ a website with all the different NJ state parks that are dog friendly to go hiking with your four-legged friend



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