Traveling with your baby- Updated for 6mn and older


I received an email  last week asking about what travel high chairs I would bring with me if I was to travel again with R. now that she is older  ~ which got me thinking.. I should do an updated travel post since 1. I just got back from our 1st ever “road trip” 2. I am traveled sans-Morgan 3. She is older, wiser, and more of a pain in the ass. :)  But really, It is crazy to think that the last time I traveled with her I had to worry about pumping, breastfeeding, swaddling, all that stuff… Now I needed to worry about high chairs, foods, bottles, toys, OY VEY! :)

Sooo R. and I went on an adventure last Tuesday.  We took a 2.5hr car ride (not the longest, but long enough for the 1st time) to Sag Harbor, NY to visit our beloved Mommaz Ilene and baby girl poochini Maisie!  I was BEYOND excited for our adventure.  However this 4day/3night excursion also brought with it some new challenges. Such as packing up food, bathing suits, toys, etc.. In case you are wondering.. here is my newly updated travel list along with links to some of the items I packed for the trip

Food – Remy currently eats a combo of pre-made pouches and also home made purees ~ she also eats many finger foods But we are currently using mostly Plum Organic.  However, Starting the weekend prior Remy had decided that the spoon was passe and will only take a few bites (if that off of it!) but that is for another entry…

Bottles – 3 I will just re-wash at the end of the day.. but dont want to bring less since it might become a hassle.

Beverages – Remy exclusively drinks Goats Milk, yes milk from a goat… Soooo to be safe, I am brought a cooler with our GM from home along with the yogurt and any other diary products I did not want to get warm

Diapers- I usually use a combo of disposables and cloth at home.. but I planned to just use disposables on the trip for ease… I brought 6 diapers for each day + an overnight diaper for each night ~ so a total of 10-14 diapers (a few extra never hurt anyone! and we did not even use all the ones we had, which was GREAT!)

Highchairs- We usually feed R. in a normal highchair, however we DO have 2 portable chairs… The 1st is one that lives in my car.  It is made by Inglesia and it pretty awesome. It folds up when not in use and is self contains in a bag that is attached to it.  It is one of those chairs that attaches directly to a table to be able to be used.. so it is AWESOME in restaurants, we went out to eat 2x while we were in Sag Harbor and we used this chair both times.  It costs around $50. Below is a photo of Remy and her Daddy at the diner using the chair.


The other chair is by Fisher Price and is really great as well.  It is the travel chair and folds up pretty small into a little cube (you can fold down the top and put the tray over it so it takes up less space.  This chair is great as a booster for an older child as well this one is a lot less $$ at $25.  I used this chair exclusively in the house and fed Remy out of it for all her meals.  I like to put it directly on the table since then you and baby are about the same height.  It is a great chair.. but I will say, Remy is VERY easily distracted in it.  It has lots of straps and infants at this age, they are amused but ANYTHING, heck, last night we gave R. a chopstick wrapper and she was happy as a pig in shit! haha :)  Also, we had the added distraction of Miss Maisie ~ Remy LOOOOOOOVVVEEEES dogs, so from her view on the table she could see it all where at home she cant see nearly as much from her highchair station!

Sleep we brought our Pack n Play, which is made by Graco

Clothing (like usual I packed too much!) I brought all her bathing suits and an outfit for every day + a few extra’s…

Bibs – I brought 6.  But should have brought more bibs and less clothing! Good thing we had access to laundry!

TOYS!- I brought a decent amount of toys with me.  I knew I was only going away for 4 days, but babies, like adults need things to occupy their time as well, and I also wanted a way to give Remy a distraction so that I could prepare food, eat lunch, go to the bathroom, etc… Sooo here is the list of toys I brought with me.

Fisher Price Brilliant  Basic Shape Blocks

Sesame Street Nest Cups

Where’s Elmo Peek-A-Boo Book

Sesame Street Bath Time Bubble Book

Angle Dear Hippo Blankie

Cloud B On The Go Travel Giraffe Sound Machine

Sofie the Giraffe

I put all these items on a blanket, A BEAUTIFUL custom made one R. got as a gift from our beloved Rita, handmade… go check out her Etsy shop, YippyBebe and then under that I put 4 foam floor tiles so if she fell it wouldnt be so hard, I have the ones made by SkipHop

Also, since we were possibly going to the beach, I brought along one of her floaty rafts, It is an awesome one that has a spot for baby AND mommy! I also brought our pop up beach tent

I think that is it! If anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to ask or if you are curious to know if I have tried any other products for travel, please let me know! Leave a comment, catch me on FB or email me! XO! Here are some photos from our adventure!

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  • Meredith Gordon

    We will be spending a week at the beach in August, so this is very helpful to get us started!  Quick question:  What beach tent do you use?

  • stacey

    Hi Meredith! So glad the entry was helpful! I think there is a link in the entry to the beach tent, but in case you did not see it… here it is again! It is made by Shade Shack and is VERY easy to use! It comes with stakes, outside pockets to fill with sand to weight it down, a bag to put it all in and it also folds within itself for easy open/close and storage! Have a great trip!!!