Photo Tip Tuesday!


What to wear for photos.  I get this question A LOT! It’s ok, Im used to it. :)   There really is no true right or wrong BUT I usually like to suggest to my clients to not be super matchy-matchy…. That they should save the white shirt and jeans look for Sears.  That for the type of shooting that we like to do should reflect the people IN the photos!  You should def. try to look cohesive and together, but to also be willing to go with the flow!  I also usually try to suggest to not wear small, pinstriped white button downs… I personally find that the eye has a harder time with that.. if you want to wear a pattern, or stripes even… go for something a bit wider.  I find those really work well in photos!

If you are planning to take some photos of your little ones it might be cute to let them be themselves!  If they are into rainboots, let them wear the boots!!! That is who they are!  I also personally love babies in just their diapers :)  so you can go sans-clothes and take some of them that way!  Or if there is something memorable to you, put them in that. Keep in mind that you dont want your little ones outfit to conflict with your background as well! So consider where you are shooting when you pick out their clothes.

Here are some good examples.

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