Photo Tip Tuesday – Getting ready for fall


I LOOOOOOVVEEE the fall, and it is already starting to feel a little bit more like the seasons are changing with the cooler nights starting to kick in already! (Who knows if it will stick!)  I think that the fall is probably the BEST time for photos.  The weather is not too hot, too cold, it is usually JUST PERFECT!  The light is always nice and many people feel more comfortable in fall clothing then they do in any other type because you can be covered, but not bundled, and you can hide all the parts you’d like to hide :) So I have decided for the next few weeks to inspire you with some fall photo ideas that you can take of your little ones!  Today’s photos were taken last weekend while visiting family.. Mind you, R. has on a CRAZY outfit… not because it was what I had planned for her… NO, She decided to projectile vomit all over herself moments before we got her out of the car :(  Regardless, she is still the cutest baby on the block (if I dont say so myself! haha) Also included in the photos are not just some of her being a cute baby in a rockin hat, but also some candids of what we were doing, capturing the memory and experience itself (also included are some photos of my Aunt’s other great niece, Aliyah).. something you should try to do as well.. maybe take an adventure apple picking, or pumpkin picking… Ill be showing you some cute photos with kids in the leaves, etc… dont go overboard with the cheesey-ness cause you can, but make sure to have fun with it! Here goes nothin’ :)





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