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With my Fall Mini Photo Sessions fast approaching I am putting together information for my clients to use to help them prepare for the shoot.  I get the question, “What should we wear?” quite often… I usually give try and give them as best an answer as I can.. however, I am not really a style maven myself, and often struggle to get out of my PJ’s during the day!  So I did what any normal person would do… I googled it!  I really want to make sure that going forward my clients have the best and most useful information out there!  I happen to stumble upon this really great write up on Laci Davis Photography‘s blog.  Also, in case you were wondering… this information does not need to apply to professional photo shoots only!  It can 100% be used for mini shoots with your own little one.  If you want to dress them up and and put them outside, you should apply the same ideas… it will still add texture and depth to your own photos!  Here is what Laci had to say.. and also examples from some past sessions! :)

“Out are the days of wearing back and kaki, white and jeans, or matching polos. These days photography is taking on more of a candid, editorial style and you can get fun with your clothing! The goal is to have everyone complement each other, but not be too “matchy-matchy.” Try to avoid big logos on t-shirts, but don’t be afraid of colors or patterns.

Layer, Layer, Layer

Layers and texture look great in a photo. As with all design principals you apply when decorating your home, texture looks fabulous in photos! J Crew and Crew Cuts are great places to seek inspiration when deciding what to wear. By adding a blazer or fun scarf, not only does it make the picture look more complete, you can drop the layers toward the end of the shoot for a completely different look. The best news is layers are very in right now, so it won’t be hard for you to achieve this look!

Have a Wild Card

I always tell my clients to have someone be the stand out “wild card” in the photos. I like picking a fun, crazy pattern like an animal print or hounds tooth cardigan. You can also have that “wildcard” wear the accent color as their main color. It mixes things up and can pull an entire look together.

Pick rich, fun colors to liven up the photo and add color to your face. I love jewel tones in photos. They add depth and color to your picture.

 It’s All in the Details
I can’t stress this tip enough! How many times have you heard that phrase: “it’s all in the details?” Well….. it’s true! Decide your accent color and add that color into your jewelry, shoes, undershirts, scarf, tights and hair bows. It adds that extra flair you need to make for a fun, sassy picture.
(Text compliments of Laci Davis Photography)
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