Photo Tip Tuesday Monthly Photos, a cute alternatives to stickers


Ok, So who out there does the ever popular monthly sticker to document your little one growing each month? Raise your hand.  I will admit, I was good at doing them till about 6mns.  It wasnt really me.  PLUS R. was kinda blobby for so long, she spit up, cried, etc.. it was hard to get a decent photo of her.  Then I got bored with it.  To be honest I am still not sure if I regret stopping or not, but I cant go back and change it now! BUT I thankfully HAVE taken photos of my baby girl every month… so with that said I am planing to create my own monthly photo collage that I will make into a canvas print once I have all 12.  Here is what might potentially look like. Im thinking of maybe making them all in BW and at the end, because I included a photo of her as a newborn as well as her 1mn photo there will be 13.  So I will add a box that has her name, and DOB at the end.  Ill keep you posted and in another 2.5mns when she is 1, Ill finish it up and put out a finished version for you all to see :)


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