Photo “Tip” Tuesday. The new terms of service to instagram


After thinking about the recent Instagram changes that have put users into a frenzy  regarding their privacy, usernames, likeness, images, etc.. I realized this.  I am not surprised that they are officially putting up a disclaimer stating that they COULD use our images for advertising, profit, etc…If you think about it, they ARE owned by FB, which states the same thing.. so really instagram is covered under that umbrella.  I could only assume that these guidelines that we all agreed to when we made our FB accounts could carry over to instagram.  However, the part that really bothers me and possibly many others is that people are sensitive to fairness.

It does not seem FAIR that instagram is proclaiming that they can use our images for monetary gain and that the person who used their own creativity, life experiences, family, friends, etc would not be compensated, acknowledged, or even ASKED if that was ok with them even though that image is rightfully theirs.  How is it FAIR that if you took a photo of your little one walking to school wearing that skip hop backpack, or eating KRAFT macaroni and cheese, posted it to instagram (prior to these new TOS) and instagram turns around sells that image to said companies for a pretty penny and that YOU the photographer, parent, legal owner of that image are not compensated for it.  That to me is the really problem.  I understand and except that the image it is out there for people to see and is “hosted” on a site such as instagram but that should not mean that they can do as they please with personal property.  There should be a way to offer some sort of revenue share, a compensation of some sort even if it is small, but reasonable that you agree to when you sign up.  But the way it stands now, people just feel that their lives can be used for profit without their say, or even knowledge that it is being done.

I do wonder, will this truly change peoples use of the app?  Will it matter to them if you, me or my friends stuff using it.. probably not.  But it would be nice they could take into account all the users that helped put them on the map.

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