Tip Tuesday 8/2/11


Happy Tuesday everyone!  My tip for the day a simple, short to the point one.  Dont freak out. If something unexpected happens such as the sprinkler pipe bursting in the apt. above yours ~ which it happened to us yesterday… and you come home to your apt leaking in 3 places… try try try not to freak out! Call all the necessary people, in our case, the condo prez (and good friend :) ) the building management company, and the fire department (to get into the unit above to stop the leaking)  OH, and if you have a support system of helpers.. call them right after you call the fire department… I called my mom and M. who left work early.

Why is today’s tip NOT TO FREAK OUT.  Well.. reality is, freaking out wont help you and wont make you more organized… it will only make it harder to do everything you need to remedy the problem.  Granted if the Fire Department is taking their sweet time to get into the other apt. and still messing up your unit in the meantime a small threat to break the door yourself (with an f-bomb added in) might not hurt.  Just try to do your best when under pressure and you will always end up on top

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